About us

About Us

Hidromaule is a pioneer company dedicated to unconventional renewable energy generation.
Located 283 kilometers south from Santiago in Maule Region, San Clemente, Hidromaule operates three hydroelectric centers. Associated with the Canal Maule irrigation system , the company uses irrigated water to generate electricity, harnessing the natural flow of water without creating a negative impact on the environment.

Sustainability and respect for the ecosystem are Hidromaule’s main motivations. Through these objectives, Hidromaule contributes to the energy supply that Chile needs. Our vision seeks to make of Hidromaule a leading company in unconventional renewable energy, contributing to the economic and social growth and sustainable development of our country.

Hidromaule Group:
Hidromaule, Inc. is a company asociatted with Sorgent.e Chile, Inc. and Austral Andina Company, Inc., Both of them own 53% and 47% of the company respectively.

Sorgent.e Chile, Inc. belong to the Sorgent.e Group, located in Padua, Italy.
It is a company dedicated to the developement of projects in the financial, real estate and power generation areas. Over the past ten years, the company has worked mainly in power generation, developing more than 50 projects in Europe, Africa and America. Contributing to the creation of green energy, Sorgent E pays special attention to investments in new technologies and innovative solutions with a strong environmental commitment.

Meanwhile, Austral Andina is a company dedicated to the investment in power generation projects. In this subject, Austral Andina has contributed with his knowledge in chilean market and management to develop Hidromaule. Austral Andina shareholders count a long experience in this field.