In addition to their concern on environmental protection, Hidromaule believes in the urgent need for regionalization, including the community wellbeing.

Hidromaule has been working an intensive plan of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to help residents and citizens of San Clemente and all the sourrounding areas.

Also, Hidromaule has worked in different fields, especially focusing on educational and cultural development.

One of the most important projects is the sponsorship of the rural school La Calor G-196, which began in may 2009, after a devastating fire brought down the building. Since that moment, the company has been concerned with the student’s needs, focusing on infrastructure, support and educational tools.

In order to promote the integral development of the students in the area, Hidromaule has supported and helped La Orquesta Infantil y Juvenil de la Escuela de Ramadillas. This project focuses on the artistic training of their most talented students.

This opportunity has allowed students to improve their school performance and interpersonal relationships, providing an important area of ​​personal growth and development.